With CapShift, philanthropic dollars at Fidelity Charitable can work to solve social and environmental challenges before you recommend a grant.

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 Fidelity Charitable has collaborated with CapShift to provide an opportunity for you to align the investments in your Giving Account with your philanthropic goals.


The assets you've contributed to Fidelity Charitable can now support social justice, global health, education, the environment, and other causes you care about. 

Through this platform, you can discover and evaluate impact investment opportunities that may align with the charitable goals of your Giving Account. Recommending unique impact investments can expand the power of your Giving Account to accelerate social and environmental impact.

With CapShift, you gain access to an expanded menu of transformational investments already approved by Fidelity Charitable. Impact investments enable you to align your investment recommendations with the same values that drive your grant-recommendations.

Create impact while also seeking a financial return.

By working with CapShift you can...

  • Align your investment recommendations within your donor advised fund with your grant recommendations – so both have a meaningful impact.

  • Grow your impact with your existing funds – no new donations necessary.

  • Receive support from the CapShift team to help achieve your unique goals.

Sample opportunities currently available through CapShift:

Impact Sector: Child Health

The UNICEF USA Bridge Fund utilizes invested capital to ensure that those in need receive assistance in an impactful and timely manner, versus waiting for funds pledged by others to materialize before providing assistance.


Impact Sector: Universal Impact

The Hartford Global Impact Fund invests in a diversified group of publicly-traded companies across the globe through a fund sub-advised by Wellington Management, focused on delivering solutions in life essentials, human empowerment, and the environment.



*Investment opportunity's name has been redacted; you can discover the full investment opportunity through CapShift.

See other opportunities like these available with your Fidelity Charitable Giving Account in partnership with CapShift.

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How is impact investing different than a grant?

The primary difference is that when you recommend a grant, funds are intended to stay with the benefitting organization. With an impact investment, you provide capital to create a targeted outcome, after which there is an expectation that capital will be returned, allowing you as the donor to recycle that capital into other investments or outright grant recommendations.

Through CapShift, Fidelity Charitable donors have access to impact investments with a wide range of financial return expectations; some, pursuing more philanthropic aims, may seek only to return principal, while others may target traditional market rates of return.

What is my commitment when I sign up for CapShift?

Fidelity Charitable is providing you complimentary access to the CapShift platform, including CapShift's team of experts. At the point you express interest in learning more about or recommending particular investment(s), you will receive a clear summary of Fidelity Charitable approved administration or advisory fees depending on the products you choose and the structure of the Giving Account.

Fidelity Charitable requires that donors work with a registered investment advisor to add custom public and private investments to their portfolio, and we can help you find an impact-savvy advisor that is a fit for you.

I'm interested, but I want to learn more about CapShift before taking any next steps. Who can I talk to?

If you are interested in learning more, please visit or email either Tim Partridge, Director of Investments at Fidelity Charitable. 

What if I want to suggest an impact investment that is not on CapShift's platform?

CapShift and Fidelity Charitable welcome donors to bring impact investing ideas for their Giving Account. CapShift will help figure out how your investment idea can fit into your Fidelity Charitable Giving Account.

How does CapShift handle personal data?

The CapShift team appreciates your concerns about the privacy of your personal information and takes protecting your information very seriously.

While we must collect some basic personal information such as your name and email address given the nature of our services, we take a number of careful measures to protect our users' information. For example, we do not sell or share data with any external parties for marketing purposes and we do not collect sensitive personal identification information such as social security numbers.

To learn more about our privacy policy, click here.


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